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Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 204

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Our economy, jobs and quality of life are dependent upon a safe, reliable and sufficient water supply. Proposition 204 balances the needs of the state's economy and environment to provide the foundation for a comprehensive solution to our state's water problems.

SOUND INVESTMENT. According to California State Treasurer Matt Fong, ''Proposition 204's $995 million investment in the state's water supply and delivery system is a very prudent investment to sustain and expand California's $750 BILLION economy. This is a vital investment in our state's future."

NO TAX INCREASE. Proposition 204 does not increase taxes, it simply uses existing revenues to improve our water supply system.

STATEWIDE PROBLEM, STATEWIDE SOLUTION, STATEWIDE BENEFITS. California's water problems affect the entire state. Proposition 204 focuses on resolving critical water quality and environmental problems that impact our ability to provide safe drinking water for all Californians.

BROAD AND DIVERSE SUPPORT. Contrary to what some would have you believe, Proposition 204 is not about more government intervention. Proposition 204 was developed by a broad and diverse coalition of businesses, farmers, environmentalists and local water officials from all regions of the state concerned about SOLVING problems, not creating them.

COST EFFECTIVE. Proposition 204 is also cost effective because it generates federal matching dollars to help solve high-priority state and local water problems.

An investment in a SAFE WATER SUPPLY is an investment in our FUTURE.


Chairman, California Chamber of Commerce Water Committee

Director, California Department of Water Resources

President, Bay Area Economic Forum

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