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Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 205

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It is unbelievable the opponents of Proposition 205 argue the solution to California's crime problem is to legalize drugs so we won't need jails.

The opponents of Proposition 205 think the best way to win the war on crime is to stop fighting it. Sensible people realize we need to build jails to keep criminals off our streets. We also need to prevent federal courts from ordering the release of criminals into our communities. Proposition 205 will do this by providing badly needed money for local jails and juvenile halls.

California has seen dramatic and frightening increases in juvenile crime in recent years. In the past, most juvenile crime consisted of petty theft and truancy. But today, we are dealing with large numbers of serious and violent juvenile offenders. Between 1985 and 1994 juvenile arrests for violent crime rose 82 percent!

Half of Proposition 205's funds will be devoted to construction and expansion of juvenile halls. We need to protect our citizens and children by keeping criminals off the streets. We need enough jail space in our local communities to do that.

If you want safe streets, parks and schools, vote for Proposition 205.

Senator, Hayward

Assemblymember, Granada Hills

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