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Argument in Favor of Proposition 206

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Since 1921 grateful voters of California have consistently supported the Cal-Vet farm and home loan program. It is entirely self-supporting, and it is a financially sound way to assist wartime veteran men and women when they return to civilian life.

Voter-approved general obligation bonds finance the program and are repaid, along with all related administrative costs, by the veteran loan holders. The Cal-Vet program does not cost the general taxpayer one thin dime.

In its 75 years of operation more than 405,000 California wartime veterans have financed farms and homes. The Cal-Vet program is an appropriate expression of our appreciation and thanks for the sacrifices of United States veteran men and women who have served this Nation during wartime. In addition to helping veterans, Cal-Vet farm and home loans generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in annual payrolls.

The last Cal-Vet bond measure appeared on the 1990 ballot and received strong voter support. Proposition 206 is needed now to ensure that the highly successful Cal-Vet program will be able to meet the future needs of wartime veterans. The act was placed on the ballot with no negative votes--passing the Senate 37-0 and 72-0 in the Assembly.

We ask you to vote FOR Proposition 206, the Veterans' Bond Act of 1996. Your approval will enable California wartime veterans to purchase homes and farms here with low interest rates and at no cost to you. We should do no less for our more than 3 million veteran men and women.

State Senator, 17th District

Assemblyman, 69th District

Lieutenant Governor, State of California

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