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Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 207

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The corporate lobbyists and special interests who oppose Proposition 207 are being unfair to California Attorney General Dan Lungren when they selectively quote his OFFICIAL TITLE AND SUMMARY.

They are trying to make it look like he used his official position to say Proposition 207 does nothing about frivolous lawsuits.

That's wrong.

They left out the part of the Attorney General's OFFICIAL TITLE AND SUMMARY that talks about punishing lawyers who file Frivolous Lawsuits:

Proposition 207:

''Authorizes court to impose sanctions upon attorney who files a lawsuit or pleading which is completely without merit or filed solely to harass the opposing party."
Attorney General Lungren's OFFICIAL TITLE AND SUMMARY goes on to say:

Proposition 207:

''Prohibits sanctioned attorney from collecting fees for (Frivolous) case. Requires State Bar to recommend appropriate discipline for attorneys who have repeated sanctions."

Since all of these things are in Attorney General Lungren's OFFICIAL TITLE AND SUMMARY, why are our opponents using such deceptive arguments?

The answer is also in Attorney General Lungren's OFFICIAL TITLE AND SUMMARY:

Proposition 207:

''Provides the right to negotiate amount of attorney's fees, whether fixed, hourly or contingent, shall not be restricted. Prohibits attorney from charging/collecting excessive or unconscionable fees."
Proposition 207 was written by responsible consumer attorneys who protect people from stock swindlers, insurance companies and manufacturers of dangerous products.

Proposition 207 keeps consumers' contingency fee protections until the voters--not the politicians--change them.

Stop Frivolous Lawsuits. Vote ''Yes" on Proposition 207.

President, Consumer Attorneys of California

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