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Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition 213

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Political give and take.

Insurance companies gave over $1 million to Chuck Quackenbush's political campaign for Insurance Commissioner.

Now, Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush's initiative allows insurance companies to take $327 million more every year out of our pockets.

Here is a partial list of the political money Chuck Quackenbush has taken from the Insurance Lobby for his Insurance Commissioner campaign:

Association of California Insurance Companies$335,500
CA Casualty Management$75,000
Zenith Insurance Co.$63,000
CA Life Underwriters PAC$50,100
TIG Insurance$52,500
Alfa Mutual Insurance$40,000
Arrowhead General Insurance Agency$30,000
Surety Company of the Pacific$28,000
Fremont Compensation Insurance$65,500
Liberty Mutual$25,000
Pacific Employers Insurance$25,000
California Casualty Indemnity Exchange$25,000
Zenith-Calfarm Inc.$25,000
Kramer-Wilson Company Insurance$17,500
Farmers Insurance Group of Companies$18,950
Western Pioneer Insurance$13,500
Fireman's Fund Insurance$12,500
National Insurance Group$10,500
Argonaut Insurance$10,000
Progressive Casualty$11,000
Farmers Group Inc.$9,000
CA Indemnity Insurance$9,500
Government Employees Insurance Company$11,500
The Pacific Rim Assurance$8,500
Travelers PAC$8,500
Insco Insurance Services$25,000
CNA Financial$7,000
Farmers Employees and Agents PAC$27,877
Amwest Insurance Group$9,500
Chubb-Pacific Indemnity$6,000
Financial Pacific Insurance$6,000
Fireman's Fund$6,500
Interline Insurance Services$6,000
Alliance of American Insurance Co.$5,500
Independent Insurance Agents$5,000
Nationwide Mutual Insurance$5,000
Pacific Pioneer Insurance$5,000
Property Managers Insurance Service$10,000
Safeco Insurance$5,000
Scottsdale Insurance$5,000
Zurich Insurance$5,000
Fidelity National Title Insurance$7,500
The Zenith$15,000

Vote ''No" on Proposition 213. It's ''No-Fault" for Reckless Drivers.

Executive Director, Consumer Action

Executive Director, United Policyholders

Campaign Finance Reform Advocate

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