Ballot Pamphlet

[California Seal]]

Secretary of State

Dear Voter:

On November 5, 1996, you will have an opportunity to have your voice heard when you go to the polls on election day. Not only will you have a say on who becomes the next U.S. President but you can also help determine the fate of issues that will help shape the future of our state, from water to healthcare to campaign reform to minimum wage, the decisions are in your hands. Consequently, you can understand the significance of the upcoming election--one in which every eligible voter must participate!

To help you prepare for the election, this ballot pamphlet contains comprehensive summaries, legislative analyses and arguments on 15 ballot propositions that will appear on the November ballot. We urge you to please take the time to read each measure carefully before going to the polls. And on November 5, 1996, you will be prepared to cast your ballot with confidence!

To help increase voter registration and participation in the November 5, 1996, election, the Secretary of State's office has launched a full-fledged voter outreach campaign designed to reach every voting-age citizen in California. With a goal of 100 percent voter registration and participation with absolutely zero percent tolerance for fraud, the outreach campaign includes: statewide radio and television public service announcements; ''You've Got the Power" and ''Mock Elections" school-based programs; drive-up voter registration campaigns in northern and southern California; and register to vote messages on paycheck stubs, ATM receipts, buses, billboards, etc.--just to name a few.

The Secretary of State's office is committed to raising the level of voter participation in California. If you know anyone who is not registered to vote and would like to do so, please have them call the Secretary of State's 24-hour Voter Registration and Election Fraud Hot-Line at 1-800-345-VOTE to receive a voter registration form.

The 1-800-345-VOTE hot-line can also be used to report any incidents of election fraud, tampering or other election-oriented irregularities. You may also contact your county registrar of voters or district attorney to report any instances of election-related misconduct. The complete elimination of fraud and the potential for it is one of the Secretary of State's top priorities. Anyone found in violation of the elections laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Let's work together to make this election the most fair, honest and participatory election ever! The future of California depends on it.

Please note that Proposition 204 is the first proposition for this election. To avoid confusion with past measures, the Legislature passed a law which requires propositions to be numbered consecutively starting with the next number after those used in the November 1982 General Election. Commencing with the November 1998 General Election, the numbering will begin again with the number ''1." This numbering scheme will run in ten-year cycles.

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