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Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Proposition 212

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Prop. 212's sponsors shamelessly fail to disclose to the voters what it really does: WIPES OUT California's anti-corruption laws!

This irresponsible measure takes us back to the days of legalized bribery and circumvents campaign contribution restrictions by allowing special interests to give unlimited cash payments and gifts directly to elected officials and candidates.

This provision alone is enough to demonstrate that Prop. 212's ''reform" claims are tantamount to CONSUMER FRAUD.

But there's more.

Prop. 212 contains a special-interest loophole which allows political donor committees to give candidates 100 TIMES what anyone else can give! That's a hundred-fold advantage!

Furthermore, its alleged ''tough" provisions are pure rhetoric. Both in-district contribution and mandatory spending limits have already been ruled unconstitutional so they will be THROWN OUT by the Courts and NEVER BE IMPLEMENTED. Meaningless gestures, empty words: the only thing tough about Prop. 212 is its ''talk."

Finally, the real purpose of Prop. 212: to kill the GENUINE reform measure on the ballot, Prop. 208, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, AARP, UWSA and Common Cause. Prop. 212 contains a poison pill clause designed to NULLIFY all other measures.

Don't be fooled. If Prop. 212's sponsors had honestly disclosed what it really does, it wouldn't even be on the ballot.


State President, American Association of
Retired Persons

President, League of Women Voters of California

MICHAEL GUNN, M.D. Chair, California Campaign Finance Reform Task
Force United We Stand America

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