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Argument Against Proposition 214

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PROPOSITIONS 214 and 216 are two peas in a pod. They contain similar language promising bogus health care reforms that will dramatically raise health insurance and taxpayer costs for consumers and taxpayers in California.

Just ask yourself:

DOES PROPOSITION 214 MAKE HEALTH INSURANCE MORE AFFORDABLE?--No. An independent economic study estimates that under 214 insurance premiums could go up by as much as 15%. That would cost Californians OVER 3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN HIGHER HEALTH COSTS.

WHAT DOES A 15% INCREASE IN HEALTH INSURANCE DO TO YOUR FAMILY'S BUDGET? For many families, that's ALMOST $1,000 PER YEAR. Seniors and people on fixed incomes will be hardest hit. That's one reason why groups like The SENIORS COALITION and the 60 Plus Association OPPOSE PROP. 214.

Small business employees are also concerned:

''I work for a small company struggling to survive. If health insurance goes up, my employer couldn't afford it, and neither could my family."

-- Aletha Hill, Camellia City Landscape
Management, Sacramento

DOES PROP. 214 HELP THE UNINSURED?--No. Higher insurance costs will lead to MORE Californians WITHOUT INSURANCE. That's why California nurses and physicians oppose 214.

''For the past 20 years, I've cared for patients who have no health coverage. Proposition 214 means fewer people will have health insurance. That's just what California DOESN'T need."

-- Joseph Coulter, M.D., Yuba City

DOES 214 HELP THE POOR AND MEDICALLY INDIGENT?--No. Hospitals that are committed to care for the poor would be SEVERELY HURT under 214.

''Our mission is to provide health care to the poor and underserved. Proposition 214 will make it much more difficult to help people in need."

-- Sister Brenda O'Keeffe, R.N.
Sisters of Mercy

DOES PROP. 214 HELP TAXPAYERS?--No. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst says 214 could cost state taxpayers HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars MORE per year. These higher costs will need to be cut from existing programs like law enforcement and education, or TAXES WILL NEED TO BE RAISED.

''According to one expert study, taxpayers in Los Angeles County alone would be forced to pay almost $60 MILLION more to insure government employees. Taxpayers in every jurisdiction will be hurt by 214."

-- California Taxpayer's Association.

WHO'S BEHIND 214? The Service Employees International Union--a labor union representing health care workers. They'll have more workers to unionize under 214. And, 214 provides special interest job protection to certain health care workers. Trial lawyers will be able to file lawsuits over virtually every employment decision involving a health care worker because of 214.


California needs health care reform but Proposition 214--like Prop. 216--WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE. That's why a diverse coalition opposes them, including Democrats, Republicans and Independents, seniors, physicians, nurses, hospitals, taxpayer groups, small businesses, and local government organizations.

Propositions 214 and 216 are the WRONG SOLUTIONS to California's health care ills.

Daughter of Charity


President, California Chamber of Commerce

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