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Rebuttal to Argument Against Proposition 214

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Let's be clear. Who opposes 214? The California Association of HMOs and the Association of California Life and Health Insurance Companies. HMOs and insurers plan to spend millions of your insurance premium dollars to defeat 214.

The opponents call 214's patient protections ''bogus". Read Proposition 214. Then ask yourself, are its protections ''bogus" or are they genuine protections patients need?

Opponents make wildly exaggerated claims about costs, based on an ''economic study" paid for by their own campaign. An independent analysis states that 214's patient protections would increase overall costs by less than 1%.

Opponents try to confuse 214 with Proposition 216. But Propositions 214 and 216 are NOT ''two peas in a pod:"

Please, help protect patient rights. VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 214.

President, Orange County Chapter,
THE Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

President, Alzheimers Association, California Council

Vice President, Cure Autism Now

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